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Add my Music is a site for musicians, or anyone else who wants to promote themselves creatively. Membership is FREE. As a member, you will be able to create and customize your own magazine cover to be displayed on this site. Within your magazine cover, you can add a link to your website, or myspace page, upload your latest song, and or video clip and much more.

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How to promote online and add my music to

Every members cover will be featured on the home page of at no charge.
The cover displayed on the home page changes every 5 minutes featuring another artist. The cover rotation starts with the first cover created on and ends with the most recent cover created, then loops back and starts again from the first cover. (So if there were 100 members, your cover would be displayed on the home page about once every 8 hours) Add My Music

free rss feed creatorFree RSS Feed channel for all members. All members can post unimited free RSS feeds for fans to subscribe to and follow. We make posting RSS feeds very simple, simply submit an RSS feed by logging into your account and entering your title, link, and description, and we handle the rest. Your subscribers are then updated with your latest feed. Make RSS Feeds in seconds once you're a member with our rss feed creator.

Visitors can search and browse artists listed on alphabetically or by genre. Aside from having your cover featured on the home page, visitors can search or browse covers which are in a thumbnail format, and view your cover at anytime. (Not only when its on the displayed on the home page.)

Create a link to your page to put on your website using your cover image as the link. Members, you also have the option to copy/paste code to use on your website which will display either a full size cover or a thumbnail version which will link directly to your cover.

Create an optional "Page 2" to display more photos and additional info such as gigs etc. Not only do you get to create a cover, you also have the option to create a "Page 2" where you have a blank page to add images or text in 4 blocks of the page as well as a background image. When you create a "Page 2", there will be a small link on the bottom right of the cover page which reads "Read More"

You don't have to be a musician to create a cover.
Even though the name of the site is, all are welcome to self promote yourselves in the non music category.

You can edit your cover and page2 as often as you like, to keep everything current.
Login into to your account at anytime to change colors, images, text, your song, etc.

Be creative and have fun while promoting and expressing yourself with

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